Manage Global Business Effortlessly

NetSuite OneWorld

The modern enterprise must be data-driven, innovative and able to multiply and respond to market and customer dynamics. NetSuite OneWorld provides agility, automation, and capabilities to enable businesses to go beyond simple global thinking to operate globally by providing capabilities outside the country-specific cloud that allow them to comply with local compliance and reporting obligations wherever they operate around the world. 

NetSuite OneWorld offers a unified global real-time business management solution for companies managing multinationals and multiple operations, at minimal cost with local on-site ERP solutions. NetSuite OneWorld helps companies improve the services of many branches and provides real-time visibility at local, regional and head office levels. 

With NetSuite OneWorld, businesses can develop standard business operations and deploy them across their divisions and subsidiaries with one click, ensuring standard compliance worldwide. Also, NetSuite OneWorld provides a complete global solution to meet regulatory and time-consuming financial compliance requirements, such as IFRS, SOX and GAAP.

Why NetSuite OneWorld? 

NetSuite OneWorld assists the driving finance, operation efficiency, and global businesses providing real-time consolidation and visibility while offering the facility for customizations (according to the client’s need) to subsidiary and business requirements.

Manage Multiple Subsidiaries, Business Units, and Legal Entities 

NetSuite OneWorld offers divisions and businesses a clear sight of each level of the industry performance, from the beginning to the end, with the help of a comprehensive operational and financial role-based control panel and real-time reports of the work.

Run a Complete ERP System in the Cloud 

The NetSuite OneWorld’s cloud delivery allows the global businesses to operate both the subsidiary and corporate functions without expensive on-site Information Technology resources and infrastructure, reducing the expenses and allowing companies to work effectively by extending ERP to each area of business.

NetSuite OneWorld Benefits 

  1.   Allows the management of business units, legal entities, multiple subsidiaries
  2.   Supports the worldwide compliance of the external and internal procedures
  3.   Offers continuous procedures across different countries
  4.   Offers real-time worldwide business reports

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