NetSuite Customization

Customization in NetSuite

It’s no secret the world has been changing before our eyes, after all change and growth are only natural. Virtually every industry has been experiencing rapid, massive and sometimes devastating change over the last decade due to new technology adoption and innovation. In order to survive, excel and confront the rapidly-evolving world around us, your system needs to be flexible and agile to adopt and pivot with the ongoing market and technology changes.

NetSuite Customization is secure and simplified because of its unified data model. It’s build within a single code source on a true cloud architecture and provides the ultimate platform for business process customization. Cloud ERP Customization service can ensure your NetSuite platform is customized you suit your unique needs.

NetSuite Customization Services include:

  • Custom Fields and Records
  • Custom Workflows and Modifications
  • Custom Scripts
  • Portlets, RESTlet scripts, Suitelets
  • Reports and Advanced saved searches
  • Enhance and Fine tune existing scripts, forms and objects

How Upgrades work in NetSuite

  • Every client’s account 100% of the time on the same version


  • Gets two significant upgrades every year
  • Release a preview environment for testing all of the new features before these features go live
  • Gets minor updates all through the year

Benefits of Customizing NetSuite

  • Customize end-to-end business process according to your industry or company’s requirements
  • Rapidly connect to content providers, legacy and third-party applications
  • Create new workflows, procedures, and functionality in response to changing business needs
  • Personalize the roles to enhance team and individual productivity

Our Team of consultants and developers are equipped with various SuiteCloud technology tools offered by NetSuite to help you overcome your existing business challenges.

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